Spectre's Ball 3: Mythos

Sat, May 05, 2018
8:00PM - 2:00AM

Spectre's Ball 3: Mythos


Welcome to a world of entertainment drawn straight from the void! Phantasmic Entertainment has heard the Call and will bring you another Spectre's Ball under the Mythos of Lovecraftian Horror inside the Haunted Halls of Avondale Towne Cinema. Enchanting violins play tunes from the ancient past, haunting vocals fill the walls, and hypnotic DJ's entice you onto the dance floor in between each spectral performance. Come all you Ancient Ones, Elder Things, Outer Gods, and all afflicted by Madness.

$15 Advance Tickets | $25 at the door
Doors open at 8pm
Shows go all night
21 to enter



Paul Mercer is a composer and violinist from Atlanta, Georgia. He began studying the violin at age eight and started writing music almost immediately. At age 17, an epiphany occurred and music became the focus of his life.Developing his unique improvisational approach to the violin from street performing and forays into different genres and styles, he joined the neoclassical pop quintet The Changelings at their inception in 1994, going on to produce six critically acclaimed albums with them. In recent years he has toured and/or recorded with Jill Tracy, Zoe Keating, Brass Knuckle Surfer and Faith And The Muse at venues all over the world. He is currently working on a new Changelings album, a new Ghosts Project album, and putting the final touches on several soundtrack releases.



Phalse prophet is a comedic rock opera based out of Atlanta Ga. We perform in little five points, Edgewood and the surrounding neighborhoods.

In our shows, audiences witness a false prophet tell of his background meeting a betrayed angel. The Book of Mormon meets Alice Cooper meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show; the band will perform magic tricks under the guise of miracles and attempt to convert the audience. Prophecy, music, praise & worship, communion, and if the spirit moves maybe even a baptism.


Evil Sarah is a mesmerizing mastermind entertaining diverse audiences everywhere. She began performing burlesque in 2002 as an original member of Atlanta’s all retro burlesque troupe, Big City Burlesque. Soon after, she was on stage performing fetish and bdsm shows with Secretroom's Sexual Surrealists. Since then, she has been performing for a variety of audiences far and wide across the US.
Events/Venues she has performed at:

  • The (Anne Rice) Vampire's Ball in New Orleans
  • Tokyo in Tulsa
  • The Edwardian Ball
  • Decadence Project
  • Big City Burlesque
  • The Hubba Hubba Revue
  • First Friday Follies
  • Kink Patrol
  • Phobia
  • Mon Cherie's Club Fetish



DJ Triskyl has over 15 years behind the decks as the original founder of one of the oldest and continuous running Goth/Industrial events in Georgia (Spectral Erosa - sublimat - Atmosphere). Headlining events such as Secret Room, Kink Patrol and spinning Purgatory (Charlotte, NC) for well over a decade; Triskyl has been a featured master of beats throughout the Southeastern industrial/goth/fetish scene. You’ll find his gravitational pull on the dance floor inescapable.

Empress Kitty Love

Empress Kitty Love has a lifelong passion for dance and spirituality and the places where those things meet. She has been teaching Goddess mysteries and meditative dance since 2002. She made her burlesque debut with The Ghosts Project in 2008. In 2012, she founded Cheeky Belles Burlesque, which is dedicated to the Love Goddess in every woman. Her newest project is Love Goddess College, an online community for solitary witches and magical seekers.


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Regeana Morris Campbell was a founding member of Trio Nocturna in 1992, then The Changelings in 1995. The Changelings released four full-length albums and multiple EPs in the late 1990s and early 2000s and will soon release a fifth album, Xenoglossia. Regeana studied cello and voice at Georgia State University in her native Atlanta, and has most recently been playing with looped sonic soundscapes.


Shane Garner views the world in perpetual juxtaposition; knowing that only perception divides the marvelous from the mundane. Cemeteries dismissed by most as morose and mournful are transformed to airy and enchanting places when photographed by Shane. Discarded animal bones, weathered cloth and twine become the stuff of his many whimsy sculptures. Through his art, he hopes to liberate the world from monotonous standards of beauty and normality by offering new insight.

Not surprisingly, Shane’s earliest influences evolved from a childhood obsession with Universal’s classic monsters, where “villains” were merely victims of social stigma. Any time not committed to work and art is often spent supporting various charitable causes that share his zest for equality and human rights.



Phantasmic Entertainment

Organizer of Spectre's Ball 3: Mythos
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